NewMARC recognizes the interdependence and cross-cutting relationships between community and economic development, and many other factors essential to our state’s economic competitiveness and strong quality of life. This interactive website is provided to support the communication of the comprehensive range of information needed to make effective decisions to the benefit of all New Mexicans.

Featured Project

I-40 Interstate Underpass for Rainfall Road Trail (Safety)

Status: Conceptual Project details Show on map Construct a box under I-40 for a multi-use path, there is not enough right of way in the exist roadway underpass to allow for a multi-use path. This underpass would also connect two other trail projects from Seama to Casa Blanca along Rainfall Road.Economic Vitality: Future bike and pedestrian infrastructure will reconnect the villages to each other, and the villages to the subdivisions. Reconnections will also be a tool for encouraging small business development within the village areas. more

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